Luxury dental chairs await you. Welcome to your new dental office.



Dental Chairs

All of our dental chairs are reupholstered with the finest quality Naugahyde.  This ensures superior protection and a long lasting aesthetically pleasing shine.

Doctor Stools

We replace old, deteriorated foam with high density foam that gives the most support possible.  This support allows dentists, assistants, and hygienists to experience maximum comfort while sitting for long periods of time.

Assistant Stools

We conduct our work either away from the office or on location, and replace your chairs during lunch hours or closing hours - whichever is most convenient for you.


“It is with great pleasure to recommend Nino R. DeCaro, owner and operator of Medical and Dental Chair Reupholstery for his excellent workmanship and skill at reupholstering medical and dental chairs and stools.  I have been the Business Manager with the Palo Alto Dental Group, located in Palo Alto, California for over 35 years and we have used Nino during this time, as needed, to service our dental chair and stool needs.  He has always done an excellent job in a very efficient and fast way.”
        - W. R. Raley, Palo Alto Dental Group